Chatgpt (AI) VS Google

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Bryson wrote: Wed Aug 02, 2023 10:39 pm
Collin wrote: Wed Aug 02, 2023 10:39 pm I'm a programmer, and ChatGPT is far superior to StackOverflow for the exact reasons you described. I may elaborate on my topic, offer a code example, and ask specific questions about it. It is really beneficial in 95% of cases. Most importantly,
It seems that most of the majorites are with ChatGPT and support it more than Google
I'm an IT student, and I understand why ChatGPT is often better than StackOverflow. It allows us to explain things more clearly, show examples of code, and ask specific questions. In about 95% of cases, it's really helpful. While StackOverflow is still useful, ChatGPT's flexibility and understanding make it a great tool for learning and solving problems. It's amazing to see how AI technology is advancing and helping us with programming.
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